Interested in Alpacas or becoming a prospective breeder?

Come and spend a day or more with us at CHRISTAN FARM

Workshops are usually tailored by topic to suit your situation and needs.

As a guide to what you will learn, here are some of the topics covered in our workshops:

        • Getting started.
        • Farm management – is our property ready.
        • Sheds and shelter, lane-ways and fencing
        • Animal selection – where do you want to be in the industry.
        • What to look for in an animal.
        • Animal management – looking after your animal
        • Caring for Cria and Mother
        • halter training
        • General animal health and care documentation
        • Looking after Your New Acquisition
        • Animal conformation
        • Halter training
        • Understanding Fleece
        • General animal health and nutrition
        • Reproduction management
        • Record keeping

Showing Your Animal – For the breeder that wants to go the next level

This is a half day workshop with hands on working with animals. Topics covered are :

  • Entering your animals
  • Are they ready
  • Understanding the judging ring
  • What the judge is looking for and why that is

Managing Your Fleece – this is for the breeder that wants a better understanding of fleece and fleece management.

This is a half day workshop Topics covered are :

  • Hands on working with fleece.
  • A little theory of fleece, and understanding of follicle development, fibre structure and development
  • A lot of hands on doing, Yes we’ll actually be doing it!
  • General fleece management after shearing
  • Recognising the different structure of fleece
  • Fleece preparation for Showing.

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