Beginning Spinning

Do you remember learning to drive a car? You were conscious of so many things that you needed to retain and actions to make it happen. Learning to spin is no different. Chris takes you through the basics of the wheel, the fibre and the tools and looks at the safety aspect so that you come away with a deep understanding at a beginning level. Even those that might have started spinning will also benefit from the review of this class.

The beginning spinner’s class consists of 4 two hour classes

What you will learn

  • Basic understanding of your wheel and introduction to other wheels
  • Introduction to, and different ways of preparing your fibre
  • Basic spinning techniques – learn to spin a continuous yarn
  • Basic plying
  • Basic care of your precious yarn
  • Understanding occupational health issues
  • Introduction to the tools of trade and their use.
  • Beginning trouble shooting

From this you will come away with beginning skills nessisary so you can go and practice!

Intermediate Class

This is where you really start to learn.

You have the basic fundamental foundation skills, and from here Chris takes you on a journey through the world of yarn. Chris runs classes to expand your skills, introducing you to greater control of your yarn, how to recognise and correct any inconsistency in your spinning.

The intermediate spinning classes run for 4 – two hour sessions

What you will learn

  • More trouble shooting
  • Wheel maintenance
  • Understanding twist to ply in how many ways.
  • More tools
  • Thick to thin and back again
  • Worsted to woollen and what that means
  • Consistency of yarn
  • and more.

Chris takes you on this journey to produce varying beautiful results of yarn and how the results compare make up into articles or garments enjoying the skills that are growing.

Advanced Classes

These are usually a day class on many varied topics and skills.

Chris takes you through each session to hone a specific skill.

What you will learn

  • Spinning for Lace
  • The Lofty Yarn
  • Improving Consistency
  • Specialty Yarns
  • How to replicate that Yarn!
  • Looking at twist in depth
  • Care if you projects
  • Selecting and sorting your fleece
  • and many more
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