Naturally coloured animal fleece should be subjected to as much if not more selection scrutiny as with any white fleece.
When buying naturally coloured animal fleece. It is important to keep in mind, naturally coloured fleece can have all the same faults as the popular white, often not necessarily from the best breeding blood lines, instead the fleeces are from Pet animals where the animal fibre is rarely a reasonable quality and cannot be recommended.

Naturally coloured Sheep fleece

Traditionally, natural colour in sheep was sought commercially, but with today’s excellent dye technology the need for coloured sheep fleece has been greatly reduced.

Hobbyists, artists and conscientious naturalists are the ones who seek out and use naturally coloured animal fleece for it’s natural beauty. In Australia the Melanian Society, a spinner group, specifically breed and spin coloured wool.
The large commercial farms breed for a white fleece. Colours range mainly from whites through to steel greys with the most popular being a black with brown fleece, a much sort after sheep fleece by the spinner.

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