Olive n Gold Scarf


Weight: Approx. 90 grams
Size: Approx. 16cm (6 inches) x 107cm (42 inches)
Fibre: 100% Alpaca
Method: Handmade

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Olive n Gold Scarf

Weight Approx.: 99 grams Size Approx.: 16 cm (6 inches) x 107 cm (42 inches)

This garment has been individually designed as a one and only unique creation. There will never be another same.

The Olive n Gold Scarf has been hand crafted, hand spun and dyed then hand knitted to bring you many hours of comfort and pleasure.

This garment has been designed and handmade by Western Australian designer and Co-Founder of CHRISTAN Christine Pietraszek.
It is 100% Alpaca fibre, grown on The CHRISTAN Farm in the Chittering Valley area located in the foot hills north of Perth, Western Australia.

The fleeces were chosen to complement each other with softness and lustre, and is 90% is Huacaya alpaca and 10% Suri alpaca. The yarn has been hand spun and hand-dyed. The Olive n Gold Scarf has then been hand knitted with traditional stitches.

With love and good care The Olive n Gold Scarf may become an heirloom giving you many hours of comfort and pleasure.

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